The Little Mermaid

Movie poster the little mermaid.jpgMany voices have been heard through animated movies. One of those is the voice of Buddy Hackett in The Little Mermaid. Portraying the comic relief seagull Scuttle in the 1989 masterpiece, he is still making people laugh. As a comedian he made several people laugh during other projects, but Scuttle is the character who sticks out the most for me.

Ariel is a sixteen year old mermaid who dreams of living in the world above. One night she sees Prince Eric aboard a ship and falls in love with him. However, her over bearing father King Triton does not approve of the human world and forbids her from going to the surface. After Triton destroys all of Ariels treasured objects from the human world she rebels with her friend Flounder and goes to Ursula, the sea witch. Ursula has spent many years preparing to take over Triton’s crown. By spying on Ariel she has successfully plotted the perfect plan.By taking away Ariels voice after having her sign off on a waiver she tells her she has three days to win Eric’s love. Knowing it is a risk, Ariel takes Flounder and Sebastian, the sea crab who is her fathers right had man, to the surface. When she gets there she sees Scuttle who prepares her to meet Prince Eric. When she and Eric meet they end up spending time together, eventually they almost kiss only to have Ursulas henchmen prevent it. Learning that Ariel and Eric are truly in love, Ursula heads to the surface hypnotizing Eric into loving her and marrying him. However, at her wedding Scuttle discovers the plan and stalls the wedding giving Ariel time to get to the ship. When Ariel gets there the wedding is stopped with Ursula grabbing Ariel into the ocean to keep her promise as the sun set on the third day. Sebastian returns with King Triton only for Triton to take the place of Ariel. With her plan full filled, Ursula starts to take over the sea kingdom she has dreamed of since Triton banished her. It is up to Ariel and Eric to stop her, they manage to do so with Ariel being a mermaid again. Seeing how sad his daughter is away from  Eric, Triton gives Ariel the legs she needs to become human. Ariel and Eric are married with King Triton’s blessing as everyone lives happily ever after.

The Little Mermaid is an animated triumph that featured the voices of talented actors and actresses. But, Buddy Hackett brought to life Scuttle with his own words. On August 31, 1924 the comedian Buddy Hackett was born with a life of entertaining ahead of him.

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