It Happened One Night

On September 3, 1991 one of the greatest filmmakers of all time passed away. Throughout his life Frank Capra brought to life many films and characters that would define the future age of film. In the 1934 comedy It Happened One Night we are introduced to such a film. With Claudette Colbert and Clark Gable in the lead role this movie is quite hilarious.

Ellie Andrews finds herself in a marriage that is not approved she jumps ship, literally, to escape her family who want it annulled. The young heiress finds herself with boarding a bus in to New York City where she meets reporter Peter Warne. Warne becomes quickly aware of her identity and the award that her family has offered for her safe return. Knowing that Ellie won’t go easily, Peter works to get a story from her promising her safe return. Ellie’s husband is an aviator who is frantically looking for her as well and starts searching for her. After a hitchhiking road trip gone wrong Peter is able to return Ellie to her family with a news line reading that she is going to marry again. When Ellie’s father offers Peter the money he only asks for his fees to be covered not the ten thousand dollars. On her wedding day, Ellie runs out again on her wedding to spend her life with Peter.

It Happened One Night is quite the comedy. Many people consider this to be the first screwball comedy when it premiered in 1934. Frank Capra directed this hilarious film paving the way for several comedies to come after it. On September 3, 1991, Frank Capra died, but many filmmakers look up to him today as one of the greats.

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