On September 6, 1972 the Munich Massacre ended the lives of eleven Israeli athletes. After being taken hostage by members of the Palestinian terrorist group Black September, their lives were lost causing a tragedy like no other at the Olympic Games. There was retaliation by the Israeli government towards the terrorist behind the attack as shown in the 2005 film Munich. Chronicling the way that they handled the massacre, while avenging the deaths of those lost.

After the depiction of the Munich Massacre, Avner Kaufman is selected to lead a group to assassinate eleven Palestinians involved. With the support of a group of volunteers, he sets off on this dangerous adventure. When they are given information by a French informant, they end up in Rome where they kill the first member involved in the massacre. From there they find themselves struggling with the morality of what they are doing. Is it right that they are killing those responsible for the eleven athletes? What is the good of more deaths after? None the less, they find themselves in London where the leader of the group is suspected to be. Upon arrival they try in vain to assassinate him, but to no avail. It is implied that the people who stopped them were CIA agents. So, they head off to Madrid where they are stopped by his bodyguards. Becoming more disillusioned with what is going on Avner returns to Israel as a hero. Eventually, he leaves for Brooklyn where he is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and paranoia leading him to be thrown out of the Israel consulate for demanding the Mossad leave him and his family alone. The film closes with the twin towers in the background revealing that the leader of the Palestinian terrorists was finally assassinated in 1979.

The Munich Massacre is forever remembered a tragedy at the Olympic Games. The eleven Israeli athletes who lost their lives are still remembered today. On September 6, 1972, they may have lost their lives, but their memory lives on.

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