Happiness At The Door

On September 2, 2016 I visited the Garde Arts Center in New London, Connecticut to view the movie A Bigger Splash. Upon arrival I noticed how happy and cheerful the two women working in the box office were. They get along well while answering phones where there are questions about the movie that is being shown. While explaining the type of movie that is going to be screen, A Bigger Splash is a drama they prepare to open the doors as 6:30 approaches. The movie starts at 7:30, so they open the doors an hour ahead of time.

During my time visiting the box office I learned a thing about the family atmosphere that comes with the Garde Arts Center. “My mom used to work in the box office. She worked here for many years,” states Belle who has been working at the Garde for four years. Learning that her mom used to work in the box office at the made me realize how happy many of the patrons are as they are given their tickets.

Trish, the other woman working in the box office, has been working the box office for six years. But, she has been working there for twenty-one. “I can help you over here,” Trish calls welcoming another patron to the Garde Arts Center. “Most of the patrons are great,” Belle tells me. “True,” Trish agrees. But, working the box office doesn’t go without some mishaps. The two women have to help those who have misread the seating charts online, from there they are willing to help those get a seat where they would like.

But, even with those mishaps, the patrons are always smiling, even joking with Trish and Belle as they make their way in. As the patrons walk in, some with passes to see all of the seventeen films in the series, others are buying tickets at the door. Then there are some who are picking up the tickets they have already purchased online in the will call box. While Belle hands out a set of preordered tickets, Trish’s BOCA machine is printing out light blue tickets. Yet, there is one patron that will stick out. “Congratulations on winning!” Trish says with a smile, as the winner of contest with The Day comes to view the movie. I soon see that the people who Belle was helping out greet the young winner.

When the lights start to flicker I head through the lobby strewn by artwork by local artists. Inside the electric candles are dimmed as the show is about to start. As previews for Sing Street and the Man Who Knew Infinity play I can’t help but think of a quote that Belle told me. “It’s like a family atmosphere,” she told me. That is one thing that I can take away from my time in the box office.

102 Minutes that Changed America

Image result for 102 minutes that changed americaOn September 11, 2001 time stood still for Americans. Early in the morning four planes were hijacked leading to all on board to perish. Not only did they perish, but the people inside the buildings three of them hit did. In the 2008 documentary 102 Minutes that Changed America, we are reminded of the devastation of the morning of September 11, 2001 in New York City.

The film opens up with the first twin tower being hit by an airplane. Many people are confused believing a bomb to have gone off. On the ground people are looking up as police sirens and fire trucks are heard in the background. Shortly after the second tower is hit leading to people scream in terror as they realize that it was no bomb that went off in the first tower. As people watched the plane fly in they were screaming, shouting, and crying as they knew that something bad was going to happen. Throughout the rest of the film we go in between a news crew who is flying close to the towers to the people on the ground as they document what is happening. When the first tower starts to collapse people start to run as the news crew is unable to get an image of the tower collapsing they realize what is happening. Right before their eyes they see a cloud of debris flying all around. When the second one collapses they are told to land, but not before catching the building falling. A crying newscaster things of the people on the ground hoping that they are okay, knowing that some are hurt. The film closes with showing the debri and damage on the ground.

There are many ceremonies being held for those who perished on September 11, 2001. There were people who were killed in the Pentagon and the brave lives of those on Flight 93 who tried to take over the airplane that was heading for a government building in Washington D.C. In New York City, the twin towers were lost on this day fifteen years ago. September 11, 2001 and those who were killed are not forgotten as people will never forget.

The King’s Speech

Nadat zijn broer aftreedt wordt George nogal ongewild de nieuwe Koning van Engeland en gaat door het leven als George VI. Helaas heeft hij een probleem met zijn trillende stembanden, wat niet echt Koninklijk overkomt. Hiervoor schakelt hij de hulp in van de onorthodoxe spraaktherapeut Lionel Logue wat resulteert in een reeks ongewone technieken en een bijzondere vriendschap. (gezien****): Many people have watched films that star Colin Firth. Yesterday, on September 10, he celebrated his birthday. Out of all the films that he has starred in nothing stands out as his role as King George VI in The King’s Speech.

When we are introduced to King George VI in the movie, he is not a king. Rather he is second to the thrown after his brother. We learn that his name is Albert and he is struggling with a speech impediment. After trying several different speech therapists, he finds one in Lionel Logue. Unlike the other therapists that Albert has worked with, Logue uses different techniques to help him get through speeches that he has to make as it is his duty as the Duke of York. With his wife, Elizabeth, at his side, he finds himself making progress in his speech giving to the world around him.

However, his brother ends up abdicating the thrown so he can start a life with an American woman who he has fallen in love with. Albert finds himself becoming the King of England right as the world is about to plummet into World War II. Knowing that he is going to have to give a speech to the world and accept the crown, Albert and Lionel work together to prep him for these two momentous moments in his life. When all is said and done, Albert gives the speech he needs to inspire his country while proving that he is worthy of the crown that he wears.

The King’s Speech premiered in 2011 to critical acclaim. Colin Firth portrayed King George VI in this film that showed his struggle into overcoming a lifelong issue. On September 10, 1960 Colin Firth was born with quite the acting career ahead of him.