On September 21, 1947 one of the Masters of Horror was born. Stephen King has written stories where time after time has scared many of people. In 1976 the film Carrie came out based on his work. This horror film has stood the test of time scaring many out of going to prom.

Carrie White is the pretty girl who seems like many people would be her friend. However, she is an outcast who falls subject to bullying on a daily basis by her classmates. One day after gym class, Carrie receives her first period. But, Carrie is unaware of what a period is causing her to have a break down while the other girls mock her. When the gym teacher comes in Carrie is sent home for the day after being informed that everything she is going through is natural. Upon her return home, her deranged religious mother punishes her for receiving her period. Locking her in a prayer closet Carrie starts to notice she has strange powers. With these growing, she starts to research telekinesis. Meanwhile, Ms. Jarvis, the gym teacher has punished all the girls in the gym class by forcing them to stay after school. When Chris Higgins, the leader of the mean girls, leaves she finds herself being banned from prom. Wanting revenge on Carrie she and her boyfriend conspire to pull a prank on Carrie at prom. At the same time, Sue Snell offers to let her boyfriend Tommy go to prom with her. On the night of the prom, Carrie and Tommy arrive with Carrie receiving a warm welcome that she has never received by her fellow classmates. At the height of the night, Chris’s plan starts to come into action. When Carrie is announced prom queen she goes up to the stage to claim her crown when pigs blood is dumped on her. Tommy, who is prom king, ends up being knocked out. All f this causes Carrie to think that everyone is laughing at her. In reality they are all staring at her in shock, terror, and sympathy. All of this leads to her having a break down killing all of her classmates that are at the prom, including all of those who were kind to her. Carrie leaves the prom leaving the school gym burning to the ground. On her way back home, Carrie manages to kill Chris and her boyfriend. Upon arrival she attacks and kills her mom after she is assaulted. Seeing that her mother is dead Carrie has a break down causing her house to collapse on her, The movie cuts to Sue Snell who witnessed the whole thing and feels guilt about what has happened to Carrie, her classmates, friends, and teachers. In a dream sequence she is shown going towards Carrie’s grave when a hand pops out grabbing her. A screaming Sue wakes up from her nightmare to her mother comforting her.

Carrie is one of those films that has scared many out of their wits. This film would not have been possible if Stephen King did not write the book. On September 22, 1947, Stephen King was born as a master of horror modifying the genre for years to come.


On September 20, 1946 the Cannes Film Festival premiered for the first time in seven years. After World War II it was a relief to have this legendary film festival premiere once again. In this film festival Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious premiered here. Although, Notorious did not win any awards, it won (and scared) the hearts of everyone who observed this legendary film.

When Alicia Huberman’s father is convicted of being a Nazi spy she finds a chance at redemption. Upon meeting agent T.R. Devlin she takes on the case to spy on another American assisting the Nazis. Learning that this man is an ex-lover of hers, Devlin encourages her to seduce Alex Sebastian. However, Alicia and Devlin have fallen in love complicating matters when she is forced to marry Alex. Knowing that she doesn’t really love him, Alicia knows that what she is doing is right for her country. She is able to go undetected until one night at a part Devlin goes into the wine cellar with Alicia where he accidentally breaks a wine bottle. Devlin learns that the wine bottle is filled with black sand. Taking some samples, Devlin does not completely clean up the mess he made. With doubts of Alicia haunting him from his mothers insistence, he puts together the pieces revealing to her that she is an American spy. Alex and his mother work together to kill Alicia. They start poisoning her to make her look as though she is sick leading to her eventual death. However, Alicia is able to reveal what is happening to her to Devlin. Upon learning of the dire state that Alicia is in, Devlin manages to take her to the hospital while revealing to Alex and his mother that they are going to jail for treason.

Notorious was one of the films featured at the 1946 Cannes Film Festival. On September 20, 1946, the first time in seven years, the Cannes Film Festival opened. This legendary film festival still continues on today with many films being submitted for the top prize.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005). Very exciting Harry Potter movie. Everything gets a lot more serious in this one, and the actors really step up their game as a result. I've seen this one so many times! Rewatched DVD 09/28/14: This is a first for me as I am doing a movie based on the birthday of a fictional character. Growing up I found myself looking up to Hermione Granger as an role model. The smart and witty girl did not let any one stand in her way from accomplishing her goals. As J.K. Rowling has stated her birthday falls on September 19, 1979. In honor of her birthday, I have decided to do Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

After a whirlwind summer, of encountering Death Eaters and witnessing the Quidditch World Cup, Harry Potter finds himself in trouble again. The fourteen year old wizard discovers that someone placed his name in the Goblet of Fire for the Triwizard Tournament. Knowing that he did not do this, he tries to forego the nomination, but he is unable to. After being daunted by many classmates except for his friend Hermione Granger, he struggles as he prepares for the first task. After the first task is over he regains the friendship of Ron Weasley and others who had their doubts. However, Harry has other things to worry about as he knows that the person who placed his name in the goblet wants him to die. After a school dance and another task completed Harry knows that the truth will reveal itself. However, in the final task he finds himself, alongside Cedric Diggory the other Hogwarts champion, being transported to a graveyard. There Cedric is murdered with bringing Lord Voldemort back to life. After a brief battle, Harry is able to return with Cedric’s body to Hogwarts where he reveals that Voldemort is back. With the school year coming to a close with a school in grieving, Harry finds comfort in Ron and Hermione knowing that they will always be there for him.

Hermione Granger made Harry’s life easier in the fourth movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by doing, pretty much, all the research he needed for the tasks. Always loyal to the man who has been like a brother to her, Hermione Granger tends to shine in all of the movies that she has been portrayed in. On September 19, 1979, Hermione Granger was born as making an impact on many people around the world.

Our Town (1940)

On September 18, 1679, New Hampshire became a colony part of Massachusetts. As history shows this would not last as New Hampshire is now their own state. So, in honor of this New Hampshire day, I have decided to do the 1940 film Our Town. Based upon the play by Thorton Wilder we are brought into a small town in New Hampshire where everyone is friendly.

The narrator of the film introduces us to two children George Gibbs and Emily Webb. The two are growing up with their respective families in Grovers Corners, New Hampshire in 1901. As the two become friends they find themselves growing closer in the future years. Fast forwarding to a couple years in the future the two are married and starting their lives together. However, tragedy strikes when Emily struggles in childbirth. Finding herself in heaven, Emily is comforted by the ghosts of those who had passed in the recent years. She wants to go back to earth and relive a memory. She does so against the wishes of those around her. Upon watching this she is ableto see that they are unable to see one another or talk to each other taking in every precious moment of life they have around them. Unlike in the play, Emily decides to head back to earth where she is reunited with George and her newborn child.

New Hampshire wouldn’t be the place it is today if it was not part of the Massachusetts colony. On September 18, 1679, this happened paving the way for the future of the state. In the 1940 movie Our Town we are introduced to a fictional town in New Hampshire where everyone is happy, but missing out on the small parts of life.

Legally Blonde

On September 17, 1630 Boston Massachusetts was founded. This iconic American city has grown into becoming a metropolitan where people from all walks of life come to learn, live, and tour. Several movies have been filmed and take place in the City of Boston and the metropolitan area. One of those movies happens to be the 2001 comedy Legally Blonde.

When sorority UCLA student Elle Woods gets dumped by her boyfriend Warner she is crushed. On the night she was planning on becoming engaged causes her to head off on a tirade to win him back. So, when she learns that he is heading to Harvard Law School, she hits the books, manages to get the LSAT score, and packs her bags. When she gets there she finds that everyone around her looks down upon her because of her fashion sense and airhead ways. Things get worse when after her first class she finds out that Warner is engaged to Vivian. Learning that Vivian is doing what she can to sabotage Elle’s existence at Harvard she goes the extra mile to prove her wrong. All of those around her learn that Elle is smarter and caring than she came off as. One day she receives a notice from one of her professors that he wants her on a high profiled case he is working on. When she learns that she is one of the students chosen she is ecstatic. When she learns that the client is one of her favorite exercise guru’s she is more psyched. Using her common sense and wits, Elle is able to gain the clients trust and take down some of the witnesses in court. However, when the professor hits on her she is discouraged. Deciding to head back to Los Angeles, she starts to say her good-byes when she runs into the same professor she had on her first day of classes. Encouraged by her and her nail salon friends, she heads back to court as a law student where she is able to win the case and two hearts. One of those hearts is of Warners, the other is Emmett Richmond who has been there for her from the beginning. The movie closes with the graduation of the law students at Harvard with Elle being elected class speaker. We learn that Elle is on her way to becoming a successful lawyer with a married life ahead of her.

Boston, Massachusetts is a beautiful city with many sites to see. However, there are many films that take place inside this city. Legally Blonde is one of those films that is able to make people laugh and cry in the end. On September 17, 1630, Boston, Massachusetts was founded with the history just beginning.

How to Marry a Millionaire

Howtomarry1.jpgLauren Bacall was a legendary actress. Throughout her life she spent most time in the spotlight making movies portraying various characters. On September 16, 1924 she was brought into the world allowing a light into the universe. I have seen many of her films, How to Marry a Millionaire has to be a favorite of mine.

Three women: Pola, Loco, and Schatze rent a penthouse in New York City. The three women plan to use the apartment as a way to gain a marriage to a rich man. However, their plan starts to go awry when all three of them find themselves attracted to men who are not rich. But, they do catch the eye of three men who are rich, but are not the right fit. Loco finds a married man who is well off, but knows that breaking up a marriage would be wrong. Pola finds herself being fancied by a phony oil tycoon. In the meantime, Schatze ends up finding herself stuck between a rich man and a poor man. Eventually, the three women decide to stay with the men who they really love. Yes, they choose the three poor men, not the rich ones. Only to find out in the end that the men who they married are actually millionaires.

Lauren Bacall was able to break out of a traditional acting shell that I have not seen from her before. In How to Marry a Millionaire she is able to bring out a comedic side that is not seen in any of her other films. On September 16, 1924 Lauren Bacall was born with a life of love and entertainment ahead of her.