On September 21, 1947 one of the Masters of Horror was born. Stephen King has written stories where time after time has scared many of people. In 1976 the film Carrie came out based on his work. This horror film has stood the test of time scaring many out of going to prom.

Carrie White is the pretty girl who seems like many people would be her friend. However, she is an outcast who falls subject to bullying on a daily basis by her classmates. One day after gym class, Carrie receives her first period. But, Carrie is unaware of what a period is causing her to have a break down while the other girls mock her. When the gym teacher comes in Carrie is sent home for the day after being informed that everything she is going through is natural. Upon her return home, her deranged religious mother punishes her for receiving her period. Locking her in a prayer closet Carrie starts to notice she has strange powers. With these growing, she starts to research telekinesis. Meanwhile, Ms. Jarvis, the gym teacher has punished all the girls in the gym class by forcing them to stay after school. When Chris Higgins, the leader of the mean girls, leaves she finds herself being banned from prom. Wanting revenge on Carrie she and her boyfriend conspire to pull a prank on Carrie at prom. At the same time, Sue Snell offers to let her boyfriend Tommy go to prom with her. On the night of the prom, Carrie and Tommy arrive with Carrie receiving a warm welcome that she has never received by her fellow classmates. At the height of the night, Chris’s plan starts to come into action. When Carrie is announced prom queen she goes up to the stage to claim her crown when pigs blood is dumped on her. Tommy, who is prom king, ends up being knocked out. All f this causes Carrie to think that everyone is laughing at her. In reality they are all staring at her in shock, terror, and sympathy. All of this leads to her having a break down killing all of her classmates that are at the prom, including all of those who were kind to her. Carrie leaves the prom leaving the school gym burning to the ground. On her way back home, Carrie manages to kill Chris and her boyfriend. Upon arrival she attacks and kills her mom after she is assaulted. Seeing that her mother is dead Carrie has a break down causing her house to collapse on her, The movie cuts to Sue Snell who witnessed the whole thing and feels guilt about what has happened to Carrie, her classmates, friends, and teachers. In a dream sequence she is shown going towards Carrie’s grave when a hand pops out grabbing her. A screaming Sue wakes up from her nightmare to her mother comforting her.

Carrie is one of those films that has scared many out of their wits. This film would not have been possible if Stephen King did not write the book. On September 22, 1947, Stephen King was born as a master of horror modifying the genre for years to come.

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