How to Marry a Millionaire

Howtomarry1.jpgLauren Bacall was a legendary actress. Throughout her life she spent most time in the spotlight making movies portraying various characters. On September 16, 1924 she was brought into the world allowing a light into the universe. I have seen many of her films, How to Marry a Millionaire has to be a favorite of mine.

Three women: Pola, Loco, and Schatze rent a penthouse in New York City. The three women plan to use the apartment as a way to gain a marriage to a rich man. However, their plan starts to go awry when all three of them find themselves attracted to men who are not rich. But, they do catch the eye of three men who are rich, but are not the right fit. Loco finds a married man who is well off, but knows that breaking up a marriage would be wrong. Pola finds herself being fancied by a phony oil tycoon. In the meantime, Schatze ends up finding herself stuck between a rich man and a poor man. Eventually, the three women decide to stay with the men who they really love. Yes, they choose the three poor men, not the rich ones. Only to find out in the end that the men who they married are actually millionaires.

Lauren Bacall was able to break out of a traditional acting shell that I have not seen from her before. In How to Marry a Millionaire she is able to bring out a comedic side that is not seen in any of her other films. On September 16, 1924 Lauren Bacall was born with a life of love and entertainment ahead of her.

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