Legally Blonde

On September 17, 1630 Boston Massachusetts was founded. This iconic American city has grown into becoming a metropolitan where people from all walks of life come to learn, live, and tour. Several movies have been filmed and take place in the City of Boston and the metropolitan area. One of those movies happens to be the 2001 comedy Legally Blonde.

When sorority UCLA student Elle Woods gets dumped by her boyfriend Warner she is crushed. On the night she was planning on becoming engaged causes her to head off on a tirade to win him back. So, when she learns that he is heading to Harvard Law School, she hits the books, manages to get the LSAT score, and packs her bags. When she gets there she finds that everyone around her looks down upon her because of her fashion sense and airhead ways. Things get worse when after her first class she finds out that Warner is engaged to Vivian. Learning that Vivian is doing what she can to sabotage Elle’s existence at Harvard she goes the extra mile to prove her wrong. All of those around her learn that Elle is smarter and caring than she came off as. One day she receives a notice from one of her professors that he wants her on a high profiled case he is working on. When she learns that she is one of the students chosen she is ecstatic. When she learns that the client is one of her favorite exercise guru’s she is more psyched. Using her common sense and wits, Elle is able to gain the clients trust and take down some of the witnesses in court. However, when the professor hits on her she is discouraged. Deciding to head back to Los Angeles, she starts to say her good-byes when she runs into the same professor she had on her first day of classes. Encouraged by her and her nail salon friends, she heads back to court as a law student where she is able to win the case and two hearts. One of those hearts is of Warners, the other is Emmett Richmond who has been there for her from the beginning. The movie closes with the graduation of the law students at Harvard with Elle being elected class speaker. We learn that Elle is on her way to becoming a successful lawyer with a married life ahead of her.

Boston, Massachusetts is a beautiful city with many sites to see. However, there are many films that take place inside this city. Legally Blonde is one of those films that is able to make people laugh and cry in the end. On September 17, 1630, Boston, Massachusetts was founded with the history just beginning.

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