On September 20, 1946 the Cannes Film Festival premiered for the first time in seven years. After World War II it was a relief to have this legendary film festival premiere once again. In this film festival Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious premiered here. Although, Notorious did not win any awards, it won (and scared) the hearts of everyone who observed this legendary film.

When Alicia Huberman’s father is convicted of being a Nazi spy she finds a chance at redemption. Upon meeting agent T.R. Devlin she takes on the case to spy on another American assisting the Nazis. Learning that this man is an ex-lover of hers, Devlin encourages her to seduce Alex Sebastian. However, Alicia and Devlin have fallen in love complicating matters when she is forced to marry Alex. Knowing that she doesn’t really love him, Alicia knows that what she is doing is right for her country. She is able to go undetected until one night at a part Devlin goes into the wine cellar with Alicia where he accidentally breaks a wine bottle. Devlin learns that the wine bottle is filled with black sand. Taking some samples, Devlin does not completely clean up the mess he made. With doubts of Alicia haunting him from his mothers insistence, he puts together the pieces revealing to her that she is an American spy. Alex and his mother work together to kill Alicia. They start poisoning her to make her look as though she is sick leading to her eventual death. However, Alicia is able to reveal what is happening to her to Devlin. Upon learning of the dire state that Alicia is in, Devlin manages to take her to the hospital while revealing to Alex and his mother that they are going to jail for treason.

Notorious was one of the films featured at the 1946 Cannes Film Festival. On September 20, 1946, the first time in seven years, the Cannes Film Festival opened. This legendary film festival still continues on today with many films being submitted for the top prize.

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