Our Town (1940)

On September 18, 1679, New Hampshire became a colony part of Massachusetts. As history shows this would not last as New Hampshire is now their own state. So, in honor of this New Hampshire day, I have decided to do the 1940 film Our Town. Based upon the play by Thorton Wilder we are brought into a small town in New Hampshire where everyone is friendly.

The narrator of the film introduces us to two children George Gibbs and Emily Webb. The two are growing up with their respective families in Grovers Corners, New Hampshire in 1901. As the two become friends they find themselves growing closer in the future years. Fast forwarding to a couple years in the future the two are married and starting their lives together. However, tragedy strikes when Emily struggles in childbirth. Finding herself in heaven, Emily is comforted by the ghosts of those who had passed in the recent years. She wants to go back to earth and relive a memory. She does so against the wishes of those around her. Upon watching this she is ableto see that they are unable to see one another or talk to each other taking in every precious moment of life they have around them. Unlike in the play, Emily decides to head back to earth where she is reunited with George and her newborn child.

New Hampshire wouldn’t be the place it is today if it was not part of the Massachusetts colony. On September 18, 1679, this happened paving the way for the future of the state. In the 1940 movie Our Town we are introduced to a fictional town in New Hampshire where everyone is happy, but missing out on the small parts of life.

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