Michael Douglas is one of the most iconic and well respected actors of today. In several movies he has brought to life many characters and created several films behind the scenes. In 2015 superhero film Ant-Man he portrays the original title character who finds himself helping the new man behind the mask.

When Hank Pym discovers a way to shrink particles he resigns from his job in order to protect his invention. Flashing forward to the present day we learn that his invention is discovered by a thief by the name of Scott Lang. Lang is a down on his luck con man who finds himself playing a deadly game with the hidden invention. Unaware that there are villains out there to find the suit, Scott starts to use the invention to his advantage. However, when Darren Cross dons the Yellow Jacket villain outfit, Scott as Ant-Man has met his match. After being arrested, Scott learns that he must stop the Yellow Jacket. Yet, there is the problem of Scott’s estrange younger daughter being taken captive by the bad guys. Put in a desperate situation, Scott finds help from Hank and his estranged daughter who work to make sure that he is able to save the day once and for all.

Michael Douglas was born on September 25, 1944 to become a recognized faced in Hollywood. In 2015 he portrayed scientist Hank Pym to bring to life a new superhero while handing the torch. There are many people today who look up to Michael Douglas with his acting, directing and producing career.