A Bug’s Life

A Bug's Life.jpgMadeline Kahn brought to life many characters in her time as an actress. Yet, one of her favorite roles of mine is when she portrayed a gypsy moth. In the 1998 movie A Bug’s Life, she provided the voice for one of the many lovable bugs in this movie.

When an ant by the name of Flik accidentally ruins the ants harvest for the grasshoppers he is sent by the queen to find heroes to save the colony. Flik does find the heroes, however, he learns that they are a circus act. Knowing the truth, Flik decides to hide the truth to gain the trust of the Queen and Princess Atta. However, Flik and the troupe are founded out when the ringmaster shows up exposing them. After being sent to live with the troupe, Flik convinces them that they have to go back and fight. Flik and them return to bring the grasshoppers down once and for all. After they manage to do so, the circus act lives with the ants as heroes, while Flik and Atta fall in love.

A Bug’s Life featured the voice of Madeline Kahn as Gypsy, a gypsy moth as part of the circus troupe. On September 29, 1942, Madeline Kahn was born with the life of entertainment ahead of her.

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