Image result for Giant (1956)James Dean was too young when he passed away on September 30, 1955. Just as he was rising to fame as a teen idol he was killed in a car accident. Today, many people remember him and his art. Several people call him an inspiration to the art of acting. In the 1956 film Giant, his last film, he proves why he deserves his place in history.

In the 1920’s, Bick Benedict, a wealthy Texas ranching family marries Leslie Lynton. The two are followed throughout the film as they start to head up another family ranch. However, Leslie is disliked by Bick’s sister who has a handyman by the name of Jett. One day Jett is able to strike it big with oil. Leaving behind the ranch, he embarks on his own journey after buying the ranch from the Benedict family. There are several struggles with friends dying in wars with the rivalry between Bick and Jett. Yet, Jett ends up becoming a drunk who ends up dying leaving Bick and Leslie to live the life they know. However, when Bick’s son marries a Hispanic woman they find themselves facing racism. Although, Bick is able to maintain a good reputation, he ends up losing some respect for standing up for his family. Gaining the respect of those around him, he finds that the family legacy was able to continue on with the family legacy.

Giant is one of those films that is over three hours long and can be summed up in a short paragraph. However, Giant is one of the most beloved films of all time. Jett Rink would be the last role of James Dean. On September 30, 1955, James Dean’s life was cut short in a car accident. Today, he is still remembered for his acting lfie and style.

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