Annie Get Your Gun

Annie get your gunfilmposter.jpgOnce again another unsung hero of the movie musical world is what this post is about. George Sidney was one of those directors who was able to bring many of his work to life and entertain many others through the ages. Annie Get Your Gun is no different from all other work that he did. Yet, it is the one movie that I think about when  I hear his name.

Through song and dance we learn about Annie Oakleys life with in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. After watching her shoot, she catches the eye of, not only Bill himself, but Frank Butler who wants to use her to get somewhere. However, the two end up falling in love and getting married. Along the while, Annie grows a close relationship with Sitting Bull learning about the ways of the Native Americans leading her to embark farther into adventure within the show. As time goes on Annie and Frank grow weary of the show, yet they stay until they can find something new. Eventually, they do allowing them to start a new chapter in their lives.

Annie Get Your Gun was brilliantly directed by George Sidney. On October 4, 1919 George Sidney was born with an unsung legacy ahead of him. The 1950 classic Annie Get Your Gun is proof enough that he deserves his rightful place in Hollywood.


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