Dead Poets Society

Yesterday, October 5th, was International Teacher Appreciation Day. Around the world students honored the teachers who taught them many things. Teachers do not just teach subjects, they inspire us to do our best. Whether it  is the tough teacher who pushes you because you know you can or the kind teacher who explains everything, there is a teacher who has inspired one of us at a time in our life. In the 1989 film Dead Poets Society we are introduced to a teacher who inspires all of his young students around him.

In the fall of 1959 Welton Academy starts its school year as a strict all boys prep school. The young men who attend are expected to do what their fathers tell them, while their mother just stands by. All of them are told they what they are going to be doing, not just in school, but for the rest of their lives. That is until they have a class with John Keating. Keating is not like the other teachers and encourages all of them to be who they want to be rather than the men their father are. However, Keatings actions towards the boys is looked down upon by administration and the other parents. As the young men embrace in being typical teenage boys and finding their own path tragedy strikes. When a young man commits suicide due to his father disapproving of his not wanting to become a doctor Keating is fired. After this, another young man is expelled and another loses his close friends. When the movie ends Keating is going to collect his things from his classroom when all of the young seniors who we had been following for the past film stand on their desks telling him that they are encouraged to follow their own path, rather than the one their family wants them.

Teachers, like John Keating, are the ones who encourage us to keep going. On October 5th, International Teacher Appreciation day was celebrated all over the world. There are many teachers who are like John Keating who inspire us to follow our own path, and they are still here today.


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