Tod Browning is one of the most influential filmmakers in horror. Although, he has made many other films outside of the genre, it was the horror films that he is best known for. In the 1932 film Freaks, he was able to keep his place in history by creating a one of a kind horror film that cannot be remade.

When traveling circus midget Hans marries the beautiful acrobat Cleopatra he is blind to see that she is only after him for his money. After finding out that he had inherited a fortune, Cleopatra and her boyfriend conspire to kill him in order to have the fortune for themselves and leave the traveling circus behind. However, Hans discovers the plan and enlists the help of his fellow circus “freaks.” All of the freaks learn that the kindhearted Hans is in danger. Realizing that they must stop Cleopatra they manage to kill her boyfriend. However, they give Cleopatra a fate that she could never imagine, they turn her into a freak as well. Leaving her behind with a new girlfriend, Frieda, who is also a midget, Hans is able to enjoy his life away from the circus with a few other friends.

Freaks, sadly, is the film that destroyed Tod Brownings career. Many people who viewed the film had never seen a “freak” before. Today, we accept those who are different than us, unlike in 1932. On October 6, Tod Browning was born with the inspiration of film ahead of him.


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