The Tell-Tale Heart

Image result for 1941 The Tell Tale HeartOn October 7, 1849, Edgar Allan Poe passed away. I find it a coincidence that he passed in the month where Halloween. The traditional horror writer wrote many short stories that inspired many movies based upon his work. In 1941 a short film of his short story The Tell-Tale Heart came to life.

After years of being abused by his master, a young weaver murders him. However, as the old man is dying he predicts that the young man will not be able to live with the guilt that he took his life. After dismembering his body and burying it in the floor, the young man is visited by the police. During this time, the young man hears voices, noises, and even illusions that his former master is there. As would prove true, the old man was correct, there was no way that the young man would be able to live with what he did to his master. While being interrogated, the young man breaks admitting to his guilt of killing the old man.

The Tell-Tale Heart is a tough movie to put into a feature length film. In 1941 a twenty minute short film came out Edgar Allan Poe’s classic tale of guilt, death, and madness. On October 7, 1849, Edgar Allan Poe passed, yet he still manage to scare people today with his tales of the macabre and terror around us.


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