Image result for GoosebumpsR.L Stine is a writer that inspired me while I was growing up. As a youth, I followed his works and read horror stories for children. Although, these were age appropriate books, that didn’t stop me from becoming scared from time to time. Last year, the film Goosebumps came out inspired by his works bringing to life some of the most spookiest monsters out of his Goosebumps book series.

Lonely teenage Zach Cooper and his mom move to the town of Madison, Delaware. After becoming acquainted with Hannah Shiver he finds out that her father is in fact R.L. Stine. Learning this shocks Zach, however, he finds out that he is in more than he bargained for when he accidentally brings to life some of the most terrifying monsters Stine has created. Zach, Hannah, and R.L. Stine work together to stop the monsters from taking over their town. However, there is something that R.L. Stine is hiding about Hannah. Something that Zach starts to figure out, yet doesn’t want to admit. Soon Hannah becomes the key to stopping the madness, but I am not one to spoil endings.

The 2015 movie Goosebumps brought back many memories from my childhood. Yesterday, October 8, R.L. Stine celebrated his birthday. I hope he had a wonderful birthday with inspiring works to come from him.


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