Image result for SuspiriaSuspiria is considered one of the scariest movies of all time. In this classic horror tale there is madness mixed with bright colors as a young dance student learns the “witchy ways” of her school. On October 10, Jessica Harper, the star of this movie was born.

Suzy Banion’s arrival at the Tanz Dance Academy doesn’t go off as she expected. Right after she arrives in a torrential down pour, she gets locked out after a fellow student runs out the door. While Suzy goes and finds shelter, Pat, the student ends up being brutally murdered. The next day Suzy arrives at the school to learn about the fate of the young girl. Although she doesn’t think anything of it, Suzy starts to make friends and adjust to life in Germany. However, after an encounter with the cook, passing out, and being put on a special diet she starts to suspect that there is something up within the school. After her friend “leaves” school, Suzy knows that something is up. While investigating she learns that the school was started by a woman whom many consider to be a witch. Doing more research leads her to discover the truth as Suzy stumbles upon their plan of executing her. Will Suzy be able to make it out alive? Or will she fall victim to the evil witches plan?

Jessica Harper brought to life the innocent young ballet student in Suspiria. On October 10, she celebrates her birthday with Suspiria being one of her best works. Suspiria is one of those rare horror films that has a lot of color amogng the shrieks of terror.


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