Cheaper by the Dozen (1951)

Clifton Webb had brought to life many characters. Sadly, on October 13, 1966 he passed away. Yet, he was able to leave his mark on Hollywood with his acting skills. In the 1951 family comedy Cheaper by the Dozen he is able to do that as the father of a family of twelve.

Frank and Lillian Gilbreth are the typical parents of twelve children in the 1920’s. The world is starting to change around them as their eldest children enter adulthood, while the younger ones enter the pre-teen years. Throughout the film Frank and Lillian clash over how their children dress, wear their hair, the daughters with make-up, and their love lives. However, Frank realizes that he cannot control his children forever and lets them live a little, even the daughters. As the family is beginning to live with Frank easing up on his conservative style, he dies. The film ends with their eldest daughter Ann revealing that their mother went on to become a powerful woman, while the rest of the children dedicated to living a good life like their father would have wanted.

Clifton Webb may have past on October 13, 1966, but his memory still remains. In the 1951 class Cheaper by the Dozen he proves why he deserves to have his place in Hollywood. Today he is remembered by many fans who adored his films then and now.


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