The Changeling

Changeling ver1.jpgGeorge C. Scott starred in, what is considered, to be one of the most scariest movies of all time. The Changeling premiered in 1980 with the traditional haunted house story with a twist. Even though, they use some of the tactics as traditional horror film, The Changeling scares people today.

After grieving the loss of his wife and daughter, John Russell moves from New York City to a remote mansion in Seattle, Washington. Upon moving into the mansion he starts to realize that something is not right. While receiving signs to go to the attack he manages to discover a secret room up there. Soon stranger things start to happen leading the composer  to have a seance. During the seance he learns that a young boy by the name of Joseph died in the house. Doing some research he learns that the house was owned by Senator Joseph Carmichael’s father. Learning that during his childhood Joseph was a sickly child who was miraculously cured after a summer he starts to piece things together. He comes to the conclusion that the “real” Joseph was killed by his father after learning that he would lose the family inheritance if he died before the age of eighteen. In order to cover up his crime, he went to Europe and adopted a young boy around the age of six. The “fake” Joseph Carmichael is now a powerful senator who starts to realize the truth of his “fathers” way. With more deaths surrounding the discovery of the murder of Joseph Carmichael, the senator finds himself being killed. John Russell and his girlfriend Claire flee the mansion after it sets fire with remnants of Joseph’s ghost still there.

The Changeling was a movie that scared many people who came to see it. On October 18, 1927, George C. Scott was born. The man would bring to life a grieving composer in the 1980 horror film The Changeling.


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