Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Pure, unadulterated anger. This was SUCH a good book, and I know why they changed the fight scene, but it was a HUGE let down. Still good, but INCORRECT.: Michael Gambon was the second man to portray the beloved headmaster Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series. On October 19, he celebrated his birthday. In the 2009 film, which was the sixth in the Harry Potter series.

With the wizarding world now aware of Lord Voldemorts return Harry Potter finds himself in more trouble than usual. Starting off with taking private lessons with Albus Dumbledore to learn more about Lord Voldemort himself, he finds himself struggling with his two best friends Ron and Hermione after they get into a fight when Ron gets a girlfriend. Not only that but Harry finds himself having romantic feelings for Ginny Weasley, Rons younger sister. On top of all of that Harry discovers he is the apple of the new potions teachers eye Horace Slughorn leaving Professor Sanpe to teach his favorite subject Defense against the Dark Arts. While his sixth year goes on Harry finds that Voldemort is getting stronger. However, Albus Dumbledore reveals that the key to discovering Lord Voldemorts secret is hidden in Horace Slughorn. Using everything he could Harry is able to get a hold of the information he needs from Slughorn. Upon learning that Lord Voldemort was able to divide himself into seven parts using horcruxes, Harry and Albus head off to destroy them. Yet, after destroying just one Albus is weakened and attacked. Paralyzing Harry, Dumbledore tries to talk Draco Malfoy, Harry’s nemesis and new death eater, out of killing him. With Draco proving that he is unable to do it, a group of death eaters walk in with Dumbledore being killed by Snape (spoiler, I know, but many people know this by now). Harry chases after Snape in a rage with Draco and the other death eaters escaping. The movie closes with Harry, Ron, and Hermione (who have made up) ready to head off on their next adventure with a mysterious note left by a man who’s initials are R.A.B.

Michael Gambon brought to life Albus Dumbledore in six out of the eight Harry Potter films. In the sixth film, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, he was able to show why he deserved the role of the beloved headmaster. On October 19, Michael Gambon celebrated his birthday and I hope it was a good one.


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