Quills poster.JPGPhilip Kaufman is one of the most recognized names in film. As a director, producer, and writer he has been able to bring films to life that many fall in love with. This is no different than in the 2000 movie Quills.

Madness reigns on in an asylum during the Reign of Terror in Paris, France. The Marquis de Sade has taken a very particular interest in Madeline LeClerc. As a young maid in the asylum, she finds herself drawn to not only the Marquis de Sade but a young man named Abbe. Madeline is stuck in between which one she prefers. In the meantime, the Marquis de Sade’s works have gotten out in the asylum among the staff. Several staff members are outraged at his works which are outrageous for the day, yet some of the staff find it interesting as a way to seduce a partner. However, when his works end up being used in a murder he finds himself to be confined and taken away from Madeline. By accident Madeline ends up being killed by a patient. After she is found by her blind mother, the Marquis de Sade uses his power to end the patients life. In the end the Marquis de Sade has his tongue cut out while being confined to spend the rest of his life alone.

Philip Kaufman brought to life an unconventional love story involving the Marquis de Sade. Today, October 23, Philip Kaufman celebrates his birthday. In the 2000 movie Quills, he managed to prove once again why he deserves his place in ovie history.


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