The Masque of the Red Death

Vincent Price was a well known actor for his work in the horror genre. With the right looks and voice he was able to terrify audiences every where. In the 1964 film he brought to life a satanist prince who in the end would get his.

Prince Prospero is the satanist prince who rules over a small island in Italy. In the land there is strife, death, and disease that plague all of the villagers. Knowing that many of these people are aware of Prospero’s allegiance he takes several of them prisoner executing them. Yet, when he takes in Juliana, a pretty peasant, he finds himself fighting off her brothers. When he kills them off he finds himself in more than he bargained for when death comes knocking. As the villagers gather asking for sanctuary Prospero finds himself at wits end learning that death has become his only option. Losing Juliana and another girl Francesca, Prospero gives into death as the only way out of the madness that he has caused. In his death, the red death is shown to be playing tarot cards with his “friends” as disease, death, strife, and anger continue to take over Prospero’s land.

Vincent Price passed away on October 25, 1993. Known for his roles in the macabre and unexplained movies he became a well known horror figure. In the 1964 film The Masque of the Red Death he proves why he deserves his place in horror movie cinema.


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