Little Red Riding Hood

Many people know Dana Serra Cary as Baby Peggy. As a cute child, she became one of the first child actresses in the silent era. On October 26, 1918 she was born, and a few days ago she celebrated her ninety-eighth birthday. In 1922, she brought to life Little Red Riding Hood in the film by the same name.

In the short hour this film lasts we watch as Baby Peggy brings to life one of the most beloved fairy tale characters of all time. Little Red Riding Hood heads off to her grandmothers to bring her food as she is sick. Along the way she meets a wolf who entices her, but she stays on the trail heading to her grandmothers. As we all know the grandmother ended up being eaten by the wolf whom eats up little red riding hood as well. But, all is not lost as the little girl and her grandmother are freed by a huntsman. In the end, there is the same happy ending.

Although this is a short synopsis of a well beloved fairy tale in to a movie, it does star the only living actress from the silent film era. Baby Peggy was born Dana Serra Cary who would live on to become a recognizable face in film. Yet, as she grew she drifted away from the spotlight to live a life of happiness. A couple days ago on October 26 she turned ninety-eight, I do hope she had a great day.


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