Cat People

October 29 is known as National Cat Day in the United States. Cats have always been a favorite animal of mine as I do hope to have one someday. Yet, cats have become subject in many films throughout the years. In the 1942 film Cat People are brought to a different side of cats.

When Oliver Reed meets Irena he is immediately taken with her. Soon the two are married, however, Irena has a dark secret. She reveals to him that she is from a group of people who believe that if they become sexually excited they will kill. Believing this to be rubbish Oliver talks to his friend Alice who gives him the information for a psychiatrist. Soon Irena starts going to see him. But, her belief of becoming a killer cat still haunts her. However, Oliver has grown tired of waiting of for Irena to “get better” causing him to leave her. But, he learns as well as Alice all too quickly that Irena may have been telling the truth when the psychiatrist shows up to help her out.

In 1942 Cat People premiered to scare many people out of their wits. Many people today are inspired by the film as a way to tell a story through shadow. On October 29, National Cat Day is celebrated in America.


One thought on “Cat People

  1. artseafartsea says:

    I also love the old movies. This one in particular. I wonder if Netflix has it in their bag of tricks? Think I will check it out. I have had two cats and one of them, Merlin, who was the love of my life, passed away last year. But I still have his sister, Lady to keep me company.
    Thanks for posting this!


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