Erin Brockovich

Erin Brockovich (film poster).jpgJulia Roberts is one of the most beloved actresses today. Even though many claim her heyday was in the 1990’s, she still manages to make movies that inspire us all. In the 2000 drama Erin Brockovich she brings to life a woman in a fight for justice that inspires us all.

After losing a lawsuit Erin Brockovich convinces her lawyer to hire her as a secretary. One day Erin finds papers that reveal a PG&E as being responsible for poisoning water leading to cancer in several citizens. A single mother Erin convinces her boss, Ed Massry into helping her prove that PG&E reckless behavior has cost many people money, their lives, and pain and suffering. However, PG&E are unlikely to be willing to comply with new rules as they do not believe they are doing any wrong. Yet, Erin and Ed are able to find six hundred and thirty four plaintiffs that will fight PG&E to expose them for what they did to their families. In the end, Erin receives the credit she deserves for helping bring down a powerhouse company who, for too long, had taken advantage of their clients.

Julia Roberts brought to life Erin Brockovich, a real woman, in the biographical film by the same name. On October 28, 1967, Julia Roberts was born. Several times she has brought to life countless characters who have inspired us all.


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