The Sixth Sense

The sixth sense.jpgPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania is one of the most recognized cities in the world. In America, it is filled with history as the origins of our country. Yet, Philadelphia has become one of the most recognize cities for filming movies. In the 1996 thriller The Sixth Sense we are introduced to a young boy who knows a little too much.

A year after being attacked by a former client, child psychologist Malcolm Crowe finds himself helping a young boy. Cole Sear’s mother is looking for someone to help her son as he claims to see dead people. As the film goes on Malcolm begins to believe that Cole is not just an ordinary boy that he can actually talk to and see the souls of those who have recently passed. Eventually, Cole and Malcolm attend the funeral of a young girl who had been killed by her mother. Assisting in bringing the mother to justice, Malcolm starts to work with Cole to learn more about the ghosts. Yet, Cole is trying to tell Malcolm something that will change everything. In the end, will Malcolm be able to help Cole with these spirits unfinished business, including some of his own?

On October 27, 1682 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was founded. Today it is one of the most recognizable cities in America and the world. In the 1996 film The Sixth Sense, that takes place in Philadelphia, we are introduced to a young boy and a man who is trying to help him.


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