Mischief Night

Mischief Night.jpgOn October 30th many people partake in Mischief Night. The day before Halloween pranks are played some fun, others not. In Hollywood there have been many movies that take place on this night, yet none is like the 2013 film Mischief Night.

Emily Walton is suffering from psychosomatic blindness after her mother died in a car accident. On October 30, one year to the day, her father heads out on a date for the first time leaving her alone. Before he goes, their house is egged. Assuming this is a harmless prank he heads out leaving Emily alone. While he is away she is visited by her boyfriend and aunt. However, there is a killer who is stalking her during these visits. After disposing of her aunt and attacking her boyfriend, Emily realizes that she is in the fight for her life against a relentless killer. When her father arrives home she feels safe, but they both know if they are to survive they must face him head on. Will they be able to take him down? Or does the killer have another trick up his sleeve?

Mischief Night falls on October 30th as the prelude to Halloween. On this night many people enjoy playing pranks, toilet papering trees, and playing ding dong ditch. However, it is also a night where strange things can happen. In the 2013 horror film Mischief Night we are introduced to a young blind girl who is in the fight for her life.


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