Halloween (1978)

Halloween (1978) theatrical poster.jpgHalloween, October 31, the day that many people dress up as ghost, goblins, and ghouls. A night of fun with candy to be handed out to children among the carved jack-o-lanterns. However, there is a dark side to Halloween as shown in the 1978 horror film Halloween. In this film, Halloween comes alive as more than a night of tricks and treats as a masked killer takes to the streets.

Fifteen years after murdering his sister, Michael Myers breaks out of the asylum he has lived in. His psychiatrist Dr. Loomis knows where he is heading, his hometown Haddonfield, Illinois where he will kill again. While Dr. Loomis is heading off to Haddonfield to stop him, Laurie Strode plans on babysitting a young boy. However, she and her two friends Lynda and Annie are being stalked by Michael. Trying to ignore Michael by not giving in to Tommy Doyles warning of the boogeyman, Michael starts to kill off Lauries friends. In the meantime, Dr. Loomis has joined forces with the local sheriff, Annie’s dad, to find Michael. But, Michael is one step ahead of them as Laurie starts to fall prey to Michael’s murderous plan. Will Laurie be able to escape the mysterious masked killer? Will Dr. Loomis be able to bring home “evil on two legs” back to the asylum? Or will Michael escape having completed his killing spree?

Halloween slashed its way into theaters in 1978 scaring audiences across the globe. Today, it is one of those beloved horror classics that many people watch on Halloween. Hope you all had a Happy Halloween filled with tricks and treats!


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