Dia De Los Muertos

On November 2nd, Mexico celebrated Dia De Los Muertos. In English, this translates into Day of the Dead. On this day, Mexicans come out to celebrate their dearly departed loved ones with celebrations all around. Whether it be decorating their grave or putting out a special place setting at the dinner table for them, the honor their loved ones who have passed on by inviting them into their home. In 2013 a group of college students put together a short film that explains the reasoning behind Dia De Los Muertos.

A young girl is visiting a grave while the town behind her is celebrating. Right after she sheds a tear a blue flower pops up. When she goes touches the flower she is taken underground. After being frightened by the skeletons who have taken her underground she is introduced to a party. From dancing to music to mass amounts of food, she is enchanted by the celebration. However, there is one skeleton who has been with her the whole time who is revealed to be her mother. The grave she was visiting was her own mother’s whom she misses dearly. Her mother embraces her then puts the same blue flower in her hair before she says good-bye. The little girl then opens her eyes to seeing that she is back at her mothers grave wondering if it was just a dream. However, the blue flower is still in her hair revealing that everything that just happened was true. Smiling she heads off into the town to celebrate Dia De Los Muertos with everyone else.

Dia De Los Muertos is a grand celebration in Mexico. In the 2013 short film by the same name, we are introduced to the reasoning behind this special holiday. On November 2, two days ago, there were grand celebrations in honor of welcoming back those who have passed on to their table once again.


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