V for Vendetta

Vforvendettamov.jpgNovember 5th in the United Kingdom is known as Guy Fawkes Night. On that very day in 1605 the terrorists gunpowder plot was put to  a stop when he was caught attempting to blow up Parliament. As an American, I am not accustomed to the festivities that take place on November 5, but I do hear about them. In the 2006 film V for Vendetta we are introduced to a man who idolized Guy Fawkes in his quest for justice.

In the late 2020’s the United Kingdom is under the power of the Norsefire party. This fascist party has eliminated all of those who oppose them and those who are considered unworthy of life (i.e. homosexuals, Jews, immigrants, etc.). After learning about this we are introduced to Evey Hammond, an employee for a television program who is out past the curfew. When she is heading home she runs into the secret police who intend to arrest her only to be rescued by a vigilante in a Guy Fawkes mask. Only to identify himself as V, Evey heads home entranced by the masked man. V tells her that she must stay with him for one year while he goes and kills off a powerful propagandist. Evey starts to see what V has done and despises him for it and decides to leave. On November 5, she returns home to pick up where she left off. However, soon after Evey is arrested and taken into custody. While in prison she learns of young woman who was there before her who suffered because she was a lesbian. Evey is able to escape with V’s help. V starts to explain to her certain things about her parents who were killed because they opposed the Norsefire’s party. Slowly but surely V and Evey start a campaign to take down the Norsefire party to restore peace and rule. Sadly, as this is going on V is killed leaving Evey to take care of his body. Evey does so by leaving his body on a train. When asked for V’s identity she responds: “He was all of us.”

November 5 has it’s place in history for the Guy Fawkes’s Gunpowder Plot. In the 2006 film V for Vendetta we are introduced to Guy Fawkes in a vigilante way. On November 5, 1605 Guy Fawkes plan went up in smoke as he was arrested. But, today the people of the United Kingdom celebrate this night.


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