The Book Thief

On November 10th one of the most horrendous events happened in history. On that day in 1938 Kristallnacht took place, a pogrom across Germany that would result in the beginning of the Holocaust. Several Jews were injured, arrested, and hunted down with their friends, neighbors, and government looking the other way. In the 2013 film The Book Thief we are introduced to Nazi Germany during World War II through the eyes of a young girl.

Liesel is your average girl growing up in Nazi Germany. However, she is quiet and does not approve of the policies Adolf Hitler has put in her country. While living with her new foster parents she is able to make a new friend in the village by the name of Rudy. However, she and Rudy are constantly bullied. Struggling with reading she finds comfort by sneaking into the mayors house and taking some books. Learning to read after the wife has found out she is able to gain confidence. However, after Kristallnacht happens her foster parents decide to hide a Jew called Max. Liesel and Max are able to bond and become close friends. Sadly, danger lurks around every corner due to the Nazis hunting the Jewish people down. Eventually, Max leaves in order to protect them. To make things worse Rudy is killed in an air raid, as well as her beloved foster parents. Liesel finds herself summoning strength she didn’t know she had when she carries on. In the end, Liesel is able to find Max alive with joy. The narrator reveals that Liesel decided to become a writer, moved to Manhattan, and had a family of her own.

The Book Thief is able to give us a glimpse into the life of a German family during World War II. On November 10, 1938 Kristallnacht took place as one of the most terrifying pogroms to date. In The Book Thief we are able to see through the eyes of a family who cared for the Jewish people after they being hunted and persecuted.


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