Beauty and the Beast

Twenty-five years ago today one of my favorite films premiered. Growing up I always wanted to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast. On November 13, 1991 Beauty and the Beast premiered to a worldwide audience. So today, I am honoring this anniversary by blogging about this movie.

Belle is a head strong girl in her small town in France. Living with her father who is an inventor she finds herself brushing off the self absorbed Gaston. One day Belle’s father heads off to an invention fair only to find himself lost in the woods. Taking shelter in a castle he ends up becoming the Beasts captive. In the meantime, Belle has humiliated Gaston by publicly rejecting him for marriage. When the horse, Phillippe, returns Belle is taken to her father where she takes his place as prisoner. Belle’s father returns home to tell the town. No one believes him with many calling him crazy. This leads Gaston to take on the role of confining him to an insane asylum. But, before anything can happen to him he heads off to go rescue Belle. In the meantime, Belle starts to take a liking to the Beast eventually falling in love with him. However, in order to reverse the curse that is on the castle she has to openly return his love. Knowing there is a dead line with a rose, the Beast lets Belle go after her father who is sick. All the enchanted objects, Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, Cogsworth, and Chip are devastated wondering if they will ever be human again. When Belle returns home with her father who had taken ill in the woods she finds her father being confined. However, Belle shows the town the Beast proving her father is sane. Gaston figures out that Belle has feelings for the Beast and takes off with an angry mob to kill them. Locking Belle and her father in the basement of their house, Chip, who tagged along, is able to set them free using her fathers invention. Belle and her father return to the castle where havoc has broken out between the enchanted objects and the angry mob. However, Gaston has cornered the Beast intending to kill him only for him to fall to his death. Belle returns to an injured Beast telling him she loves him. This breaks the spell as the last petal on the rose falls. Belle and the Beast are shown to be living happily ever after with the castle returning to normal.

In 1991 Beauty and the Beast premiered on November 13.This groundbreaking animated film would go on to receive critical acclaim inspiring many. As a child, I aspired to be like Belle and today I still find myself looking up o her.


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