Paris When It Sizzles

Richard Quine was a director like no other. In his lifetime he was able to bring to life films through writing and acting as well. In the 1964 romantic comedy Paris When It Sizzles he was able to bring Audrey Hepburn and William Holden like never before.

Richard Benson is a struggling screenwriter. After being commissioned to write another one he finds himself turning round and round his typewriter. In steps his temp secretary Gabrielle Simpson to type the script out. Together the two of them come up with some fascinating ideas for a new movie. However, with each scenario they find themselves at wits end with each conclusion. Richard and Gabrielle eventually settle on the title of The Girl who Stole the Eiffel Tower. But, they find themselves struggling to find an end. Eventually, Richard does settle on an ending with Gabrielle’s help. As this is a romantic comedy, Richard and Gabrielle end up in love at the end of the day.

Richard Quine brought to life many other films like Paris When It Sizzles. On November 12, 1920 Richard Quine was born with the legacy of film ahead of him. In 1964 he proved once again as to why he deserves to be remembered for his work.


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