The Emperor’s New Groove

Grooveposter.jpgOne of the most recognizable voices in the movie industry today is Patrick Warburton. Many are able to recognize his deep voice behind animated characters as well as the tough man in live action. In the 2000 movie Emperor’s New Groove he is able to bring to life a kind of clueless brawn henchman by the name of Kronk.

Emperor Kuzco is a selfish and self absorbed ruler. One day after telling a local villager named Pacha he is going to destroy his home he finds himself being turned in to a llama. Unbeknownst to him his recently fired adviser Yzma and henchman Kronk have planned the whole thing. By chance Kuzco runs into Pacha with the two of them on an adventure to turn him back into a human again. However, Yzma finds out and heads off to find and kill him in order for her to keep the throne. With Kronk and Yzma hot on their trail Kuzco and Pacha manage to make it back to the castle in order to have him claim what is rightfully his. Through a series of comedic events everything turns out okay with Kuzco being a changed man letting Pacha and his family live in their home. As well as not being so selfish with a few new friends.

Patrick Warburton was born on November 14, 1964 with a unique voice. Today he is known for his many roles in film and television where he has been able to bring to life lovable characters. Yet to me, none will be the same as Kronk in the 2000 film The Emperor’s New Groove.


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