Elf theatrical release posterEd Asner is a legend! Today, November 15, he celebrates another birthday. Throughout his career in film he has been able to entertain young and old. In 2004 he brought to life quite the Santa Clause in Elf.

Buddy is a grown up who lives as an elf after he was adopted. However, he doesn’t know that he is a human as no one had ever told him. Learning this leads him to take an adventure into New York City in order to meet his biological father. After getting his blessing from Papa Elf and Santa Clause he takes off on his journey. Upon his arrival into New York he finds himself not as welcomed. However, after meeting his biological father Walter and winning the heart of Jovie he finds himself changing the lives of those around him. Yet, Buddy and Walter have a falling out leading Buddy to wander in Central Park on Christmas Eve. Coincidentally, Santa’s sleigh has crashed due to Christmas spirit being low. Buddy with the help of his new friends and family manage to make Santa fly again bringing Christmas spirit to all of New York.

In 2004 Ed Asner brought to life Santa Clause in Elf. On November 15, 1929 Ed Asner was born marking the birthday for the legendary actor. In future generations he will continue to live on entertaining many.



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