Southeastern Connecticut Blind Variety Show

I have attended several talent shows in my life. Yet, none of them seem to compare to the Southeastern Connecticut Center for the Blind Inc. Variety Show I attended at the Garde Arts Theater in New London, Connecticut. Throughout the evening I was entertained by the very talented blind people through jokes and song. I was able to learn a few things at the beginning from each of them as I awaited the show to start in the Oasis Room.

Image result for Oasis Room The Garde     As I walked around the room with gift baskets for a basket raffle I noticed the performers were getting ready to go on. Many of them had white canes with people to help guide them on and off the stage. Soon, it was time for the show to start. After giving a warm welcome, Eileen Ross, the Variety Show Chairperson and the Executive Director for the Center of the Blind gave a word of welcome. She thanked all for coming and those for donating to the center. After her, Heidi Ross spoke about White Cane Safety Day. In her speech she touched on the importance of the white cane that many blind people carry to help them guide them. During this time the discussed Blind American Equality Day, this fell on October 15, the same day of the talent show. Then, there were awards given out to members of the community who have volunteered with the center.

Image result for White Cane Safety Day    Arthur Mueller and Stephen Campbell, the MC’s, introduced the beginning of the very talented blind people. As I watched the show, I was in awe of the amount of talent each one of them had. The first person to go up was a man playing the keyboard to the song “The Entertainer.” After him was a duet on the keyboard followed by a sweet girl giving a comedy routine. Several people sang songs of inspiration to encourage members of the audience and blind community. Throughout my time, I noticed the audience applauded, commented, and respected each performer. Whether it is a young girl or older gentlemen there seemed to be no different with the audience’s reaction.

During a brief intermission many people talked about the performances they had just witnessed, while complimenting the performers. After the intermission the performances began again. In the second half of the show there were several performances that had, not one performer, but two. In the first act there were duets. Yet, this time as I watched I couldn’t help but admire the teamwork between each of them. Every one of the performers who worked together gave it all their best to put on a show. Needless to say, their hard work paid off in the end as it was a very entertaining evening.


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