The Notebook

Posternotebook.jpgRachel McAdams has been one of the most recognizable faces in film. Born on November 17, she has managed to make her mark. In 2004, she made it clear she was in film to stay in The Notebook.

Allie Hamilton and Noah Calhoun are star crossed lovers in the 1940’s. The two teens quickly start a relationship only to have Allie’s parents tear them apart. Allie and Noah go their separate ways only to find themselves back with one another again. Allie learns that her family has gotten involved in preventing her relationship with Noah by hiding letters. In this case Allie finds it hard to pick Noah as she is already engaged to another man. Confused she ends up meeting with her mother who encourages her to follow her heart. In the end Allie chooses Noah with the movie going to the then present day. Allie is suffering from Alzheimer’s and only remembers Noah from time to time. In the end, Allie and Noah pass on holding hands as their love story does not fade.

In 2004, Rachel McAdams brought to life Allie Hamilton in The Notebook. In this pretty basic love story there is true romance behind it. On November 17, 1978, Rachel McAdams was born with the life of acting ahead of her.



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