The Sentinel

Burgess Meredith was best known for portraying The Penguin in the 1960’s TV show Batman. However, he had quite the career in movies as well. In the 1977 film The Sentinel he brings to life a quirky neighbor who is not quite right.

Alison Parker is an up and coming supermodel living in New York City. With the perfect boyfriend, all she needs now is to have the perfect apartment. She finds that in a Brooklyn brownstone with quite the neighbors. Upon her arrival she is put off by them. But, Charles Chazen, the cat lover, constantly invites her to parties with in the building. However, strange things start happening to Alison. Looking into the buildings past she finds that there was a priest who lived there who has since gone blind. Quickly, she finds that the apartment she is living in is the gateway to hell. Alison finds that she is the new gatekeeper with her neighbors are the devils subjects. Summoning her inner strength she accepts the role by turning into a nun. In the final scene a new client is being shown the apartment Alison once lived in as she is shown to be a blind nun holding a crucifix upstairs.

Burgess Meredith was able to bring to life many characters in his life. On November 16, 1907 Burgess Meredith was born. Even though he has since passed on his work lives on in movies like The Sentinel.


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