Unelectable You Political Revue by The Second City Network

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This past election season has been an interesting one to say the least. On October 29th, 2016 I visited the Garde Arts Theater to watch a comedic show inspired by the 2016 election. In the Halloween decorated lobby there were props being set up for patrons to take photos with. On top of that there were shirts and books to be sold. Much of the set up was political related as the show was called Unelectable You! A Political Revue put on by The Second City Network.

Before the live show had started there were screens to be put up to make the theater feel more intimate. The cast was busy rehearsing their lines as the sound and lighting techs ran through cues. The stage had the stage had been set up with white boards in the background. On top of all of that there was a keyboardist who was warming up for the live show. Unelectable You! is a show put on by The Second City Network in two acts, each on an hour long.

While the set up was being complete the doors had opened for patrons to come in. Many of them flocked to the table where a cast member was selling merchandise as well as taking pictures. Several members of the audience were reading the poster board that had been set up revealing who the cast and crew were for the show. The young cast member, Claire, revealed that she and her husband had written the book being sold. Our Perfect Marriage was written by Claire and Alan Linic. Claire is an understudy for the show, while her husband is actually in the show.

However, the part to make the night more intriguing was a local woman named Emma who dressed up as a suffragette. With her character name being Victoria Woodhall she was able to give audience members a glimpse of the struggle for women’s voting rights. Dressed in a costume she took pictures with audience members who had questions for her. Staying in full character Emma was addressed them well in a manner from the early 1900’s.

Then the lights flickered signaling it was time for the audience to take their seats. The ushers directed them inside the auditorium as the bartenders prepared a few more drinks for members. As the show started there were jokes about social media, political affiliation, and, of course, our two candidates Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. While touching on many of the scandals that took over the 2016 election they included the audience. The emcee asked the audience what they would like to see change which was answered by healthcare, the economy, and education. In the final scene of act one; they touched upon the politicians who lost the election by going to the Island of Almost Presidents. After introducing some of the former candidates intermission started.

Several audience members went to take photos with Victoria Woodhall while others went buy a merchandise or order from the bar. During intermission the audience was a buzz about the upcoming election with the possibility being up in the air. Then the lights started to dim as act two started.

Act two like the previous act had audience involvement. However, this time they brought up an audience member to nominate him as president. After doing a skit for the audience member named Larry they performed an improve skit. Now, this skit was based on an audience members suggestion. After receiving suggestions for gun control and Donald Trump building a wall, they settled on Rudy Giuliani’s prom night. During this skit there were characters for Rudy’s parents, Megan Kelly, and Donald Trump. Soon the show started to wind down with a song called “I Think We’re Stuck.” This time the cast touched upon all that is wrong with the current candidates, like Hilary’s email and Trump’s misconduct.

After the show had ended the audience started to leave. However, Victoria Woodhall was still in costume greeting guests as they left. Some of them stopped for a picture with the props on the table. Some of the audience hung back to talk about the show. Yet, all in all it was an entertaining evening at The Garde Arts Center.


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