Love and Friendship

Love & Friendship poster.pngChloe Sevigney was one of the it girls of the 1990’s. Today she continues to be one of the most recognizable faces in film. In the 2016 film Love and Friendship she is shown to be the confidant and close friend of a unlikable woman.

Lady Susan Vernon is focused on marrying her daughter to a wealthy man. The widow, however, is somewhat oblivious to the fact that she is considered a scandalous woman. You see Lady Susan, has a reputation for being a flirt which was frowned upon in 1790’s England. Never the less, Lady Susan finds herself struggling to maintain a friendship with Alicia as her husband’s goddaughter blames Susan for her divorce. Sadly, for Lady Susan her daughter has become a bit of a rebel. Much to her shock, Susan finds herself struggling to make things work for her daughter in what she believes is best. Eventually, Lady Susan takes her to live with her in London away from the relatives who spend more time judging her than hearing what she has to say. Alicia still manages to make time to meet with Lady Susan, even though it is believed that Susan was having an affair with a married man in town. In the end, it all works out well for Lady Susan and Alicia as they both manage to find a place in England. Lady Susan’s daughter marries, as does she again.

Chloe Sevigney was able to bring to life many characters. Today, she is still proving why she deserves her place in film history. In the 2016 film Love and Friendship she proves that once again.


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