2016 Reading Challenge Book #12: Beowulf

Beowulf is the earliest extant poem in a modern European language reflecting a feudal, newly Christian world of heroes and monsters, blood and victory, life and death. Its beauty, power, and artistryIt is almost the end of the year meaning the end of the 2016 Reading Challenge. Although, I finished the challenge a few months ago I lost track of time for writing about the last book. Beowulf is the book that I chose for my pre-1500.

Following the life of a great hero by the name of Beowulf. Going from a war hero to a king he finds himself being terrorized by a dragon. After coming to terms that it is up to him to prevent the dragon from doing more damage he takes it upon himself to kill him. Beowulf is able to slay the dragon, however he is badly wounded. In the end, Beowulf ends up dying as a hero as he was.

Beowulf is known as one of the most epic poems of today. With time having been passed, this poem still stands as the test of time. In the end, the 2016 Reading Challenge was one that brought me through the year.


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