Ming-Na Wen used her voice to bring to life Mulan in the 1998 Disney film by the same name. On November 20, 1963, she was born into this world. As a strong woman in film and television she was able to do that with her role in Mulan.

Fa Mulan is an unhappy girl living in China during a time when the Huns attack. When the emperor makes a call to all men to join her father is chosen. However, her father is very sick and she knows he will die on the battlefield. Doing the unthinkable, for the time period, Mulan disguises herself as a man in order to protect her father. However, this is easier said than done. Upon her arrival at the training camp she finds herself as an outcast after her guardian, Mushu, causes a fight. None the less, Mulan is able to keep her disguise until she is attacked and found out. Being a girl in the military at the time was unheard of and she is ordered to go home. But, once the troops leave she sees the huns rise out of the snow after an avalanche she caused earlier. Knowing the rest of China depends on her actions to stop them. But, when she tries to warn the former soldiers she fought aside her warnings are not taken seriously. Yet, the huns make an appearance leading Mulan and them to take them down. They manage to do so with Mulan returning home with honor to her family. Not only that, Mulan has won the heart of her army captain Li Shang.

Mulan is still a well revered film today. Ming-Na Wen brought the voice to the beloved character Mulan. On November 20, this talented actress turns a year older with many more projects to come.


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