Private Benjamin

One of the most recognizable faces and names in Hollywood throughout the past years is Goldie Hawn. On November 21, 1945, Goldie Hawn was brought into the world. In the 1980 movie Private Benjamin she was able to show she is more than a pretty face.

After her new husband dies on her wedding night, sheltered and wealthy Judy Benjamin decides to join the army. However, she is met with dislike by many of her new comrades. Yet, she decides to stay and finish basic training at the top of her class. Even though she has been able to prove many of those who looked down upon her she ends up facing sexual harassment when she is picked for an assignment. After leaving, she decides to marry a man named Henry even after he is outed as a communist. Sadly, things don’t work out with Henry as she finds out he has been having a side relationship. She leaves him at the altar to start a life of her own, the one she has dreamed of.

Goldie Hawn brought to life Judy Benjamin proving her fantastic acting skills. On November 21, 1945, Goldie Hawn was born making  today her birthday. In the 1980 film Private Benjamin, she was able to push her limit once again.


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