The Bride of Frankenstein

Movie poster with the head of Frankenstein's monster at the center, looking forward with a somber expression. Elevated above him is a woman looking down towards the center of the image. Near the bottom of the image is the Bride of Frankenstein, looking off to the right of the image as her hair surrounds the head of Frankenstein's monster and the body of the woman. Text at the top of the image states "Warning! The Monster Demands a Mate!" The bottom of the image includes the film's title and credits.Boris Karloff is one of the most recognizable faces in movie history, well, monster movie. As an actor he found fame portraying the original Frankenstein monster. In 1935 he reprized his infamous role in The Bride of Frankenstein.

After surviving an explosion Frankenstein’s monster starts makes his appearance. However, he finds comfort in a friend who wants to use him for disastrous deeds. In the meantime, there is an angry mob forming to bring down the monster once and for all. In the meantime it becomes clear the monster wants a mate, so he hunts down his maker Victor ¬†Frankenstein. Reluctantly, Victor does help the monster out. When the monster’s mate makes her appearance she is disgusted at the monster as she screams in terror as the credits role.

Boris Karloff was born on November 23, 1887 to lead a life as a movie monster. In the 1935 film The Bride of Frankenstein he brought to life the legendary Frankenstein monster once again. Today, he is most remembered for his monster role, but also his talent.


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