Toy Story

Film poster showing Woody anxiously holding onto Buzz Lightyear as he flies in Andy's room. Below them sitting on the bed are Bo Peep, Mr. Potato Head, Troll, Hamm, Slinky, Sarge and Rex. In the lower right center of the image is the film's title. The background shows the cloud wallpaper featured in the bedroom.On November 22, 1995 Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story was released. This groundbreaking film was the first to be completed with computer generated images. Today, the movie industry is forever changed with Toy Story.

Woody takes pride in being the leader of Andy’s toys. Not only that, he is Andy’s favorite toy. That is until Andy’s birthday when Buzz Lightyear is given to Andy. Soon, Woody finds himself in second place to Buzz. So, Woody decides to get rid of Buzz out of jealousy. However, all of the toys turn against Woody leading him to go out of his way to get Buzz back. But, Buzz is taken in by a mean boy named Sid next door. To make things worse, Andy is moving in a couple of days. Buzz and Woody start to work together in order to get back to Andy as they know he needs them. After a few misunderstandings, Woody and Buzz make it back to him as Andy is heading on his way to his new home.

Toy Story is one of those movies that is beloved by all. On November 22, 1995 Toy Story was released marking it as the first movie with completely made out of computer generated images. Today, Toy Story does live on with a franchise starring Woody and Buzz.


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