High Noon

High Noon poster.jpgOn November 25, 1947 the Hollywood ten were blacklisted by movie studios. This was in response to the Red Scare in America in response to Joe McCarthy claiming there were Communists in the country. In response to this the 1952 movie High Noon was made as a testament with the writer of the screenplay, Carl Foreman, being blacklisted himself.

Police Marshall Will Kane and his new wife Amy are settling down in a small town in the New Mexico territory. However, the town is threatened when a vicious outlaw is about to make his appearance. Amy, being a pacifist, encourages her husband to leave town before he arrives, but Will is unwilling to do so. With several people fleeing the town Will looks to his mentor for aid as how to deal with this problem. The more Will looks around him the more he sees he has allies who support him but are too scared to take a stand. Eventually, the criminal, Frank Miller, arrives in town leading to a stand off between him and Will. When Will manages to win the fight with Frank Miller being shot dead. The town rejoices as Will has been able to win the freedom for all the town.

High Noon was created as a allegory to the Communist blacklist going on at the time. On November 25, 1947 the Hollywood Ten were blacklisted as a result of the Red Scare caused by Joe McCarthy. Known today as McCarthyism, this era is one that will not be forgotten.


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