The Toll of the Sea

Image result for the toll of the seaOn November 26, 1922 the first two tone technicolor movie was released widely in America. The movie by the name of the The Toll of the Sea was released with new found technology that would change the way we watch movies. After all, technicolor was a new thing that was just coming out.

Lotus Flower and Allen Carver fall in love when she rescues him from the sea off the coast of China. The two quickly marry with the disapproval of both their friends and family. Sadly, Allen’s friends get to him leading him to leave for America without her. Some years pass with the heartbroken Lotus Flower having his son naming him Allen. Allen returns to China much to Lotus Flower’s delight. But, her delight is short lived as she finds that he is married to an American named Elsie. Elsie knows about Lotus Flower with the two meeting. After some time, Allen manages to convince Elsie to convince Lotus Flower to give them the son she had with Allen. Lotus Flower reluctantly agrees to give her only child Allen away to live in America. The movie closes with Lotus Flower going to the spot where she and Allen fell in love empty as the sun sets.

The Toll of the Sea is one of those films that many have never heard of. Even though this is true, on November 26, 1922 this became the first two tone technicolor film to receive a wide release. Today, the magic of movies would not be the same if it wasn’t for the invention of technicolor.


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