Carefree Dancin’ with Fred and Ginger

Image result for carefree dancin' with fred & gingerThey are the iconic dancing and singing duo that many idolize today. They were constantly paired in movie musicals that would lead them to stardom and immortality. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers are remembered today as a beloved dancing duo as time as told. On November 12, 2016 The Garde Arts Center in New London, Connecticut there was a Broadway preview of the upcoming show Carefree Dancin’ with Fred and Ginger.

As I walked around the painting strewn lobby the ushers were preparing for the show. While they were preparing there were dancers from the Southeastern Connecticut Ballet preparing to hand out brochures for their upcoming shown. On December 10 and 11th The Nutcracker will be shown put on by many of the talented dancers. Each one of the three girls posed in different positions as their characters of Clara, The Nutcracker Prince, and a Doll.

While the audience walked in they were greeted by the dancers handing out fliers for the show. Then walking into the auditorium where the red curtain was down with ushers handing out programs and showing them to their seats. At around eight o’clock the show had started with Fred and Ginger popping right out of the screen.

The show started off with previewing classic movie clips of the famous duo, followed by an old RKO Radio production. In the ninety minute show there was much singing and dancing. Using several of the duo’s classic songs like “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off” and “Cheek to Cheek” there was much to be praised. There were times when they were dancing in sync with the screen playing right behind them. The tap dancing was fast, noisy, and fascinating with moments that you felt like they would not stop. Then there were times when they were jumping behind a screen of a classic film starring Fred and Ginger.

When the show started to slow down the cast got together on stage one last time to commemorate the dynamic duo. By touching on the small talents that Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers had they were able to bring to remind us what made them special. Whether it be the way Fred smiled or Ginger laughed, these were the minor things about them that made them who they are. In the fast paced show Carefree Dancin’ with Fred and Ginger they came to life again talent and all.


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